Exclusive opportunity for female dance teachers

Do you know that now you can REACH the PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS you deserve by HELPing WOMEN bring back that magnetizing inner shine?

Say goodbye to financial and course inconsistencies.

Welcome stability, growth, loyal customers and effortless self-promotion!

At Sensual Dance Fit we are selecting 12 more female dance teachers who strive for inspiring other women, to join our team and spread this revolution.

Hurry! As of only 2 spots left for our next training

From the brainchild of Carolyn Smith, International Dance Coach and Jury President of the program Strictly Come Dancing Italy:

Meet Sensual Dance Fit, the first women-only program born to help women rediscover their femininity and sensuality through simple dance steps and fitness exercises.

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Proudly trusted by 200+ dance teachers across Europe


the women we transformed


our locations in several European countries


the degree of satisfaction of our women

A project born as a personal resource, now available to all women worldwide

Watch the video that shows how it all started:

Much more than just a dance class because their transformation (and yours!) will have a huge impact on all of your lives... and this will bring a huge change to your professional and personal life.

A real revival (that you deserve...)!

this is how it works:

Groups of 15 women

The perfect match between a private class and a well-fed class of participants

20 lessons twice a week

Once the students have completed the first term of lessons, they will be able to continue with the following ones, and believe us... they won't give up on us for anything in the world!

At least a 100msq ballroom with a wall of mirrors

To allow women to comfortably perform the choreography at the chair and look at themselves in the mirror

Want a sneak peek of one of our classes?

SENSUAL: Because firstly you and your ladies as women deserve to maintain your femininity, coordination, and grace, that which belongs to every woman!

DANCE: Because sensual movements are part of the world of dance, and through dance your ladies will be able to rediscover, simultaneously, the grace and strength within themselves!

FIT: Because we have prepared specific exercises to tone the body so that your ladies will feel even more beautiful and confident!

This opportunity is dedicated to

Every female dance teacher who wants to achieve greater impact, freedom and financial security and help women rediscover their femininity and sensuality trough simple dance steps and fitness movements.

Who is a fit?

  • Female dance teachers with more than 5 years of experience

  • Dance studio owners

Who is not a fit?

  • Amateur dancers

  • Dance teachers with less than 5 years of experience

  • Male dance teachers or dancers (nothing personal but this is a women-only program 😄)

Do you have what it takes?

At Sensual Dance Fit, you will use your experience and passion for dance to help women rediscover themselves and become champions in life. It's a unique opportunity to become an icon for hundreds of women who wish to dance and be elegant just like you.

What do we offer:

  • Competitive salary (+ recurring bonuses)

  • ​Stability and recurrence of classes throughout the year

  • Continuity of earnings over long periods

  • ​Flexible hours

  • ​Room rental 100% covered

Why this is the best program for every female dance teacher (and why is different from others)



Use your experience and passion for dance to help women rediscover themselves and become a champion in life. It is your unique opportunity to become an guide for hundreds of women who desire to dance and be elegant just like you.


Career success

Lead your work towards financial stability, professional growth and personal fulfilment with a lot of joy and fun. Share your passion with other colleagues in a satisfying and rewarding environment.

A Way You Can Truly Help women Improve Their Lives And fall in love with themselves again

As a Sensual Dance Fit teacher, you teach women how to rediscover their hidden beauty, femininity and grace through a unique program designed around them based on simple dance steps and fitness movements.

Every step goes straight to the heart, pampering not only the body but also the soul, thanks to an effective and tested psychological approach.

Lesson after lesson, women recover all their self-esteem, learning to love that woman reflected in the mirror. A woman who finally has the courage to say, "I am the center of my life."

This path will not only be good for your women... but especially for you!

Sensual Dance Fit family is a big family that is expanding every day: since its foundation, in fact, it already has over 200 locations throughout different countries and thousands of super-satisfied students! 

Given the huge success of this movement we decided to open the doors to other teachers... and you could be one of them! Obviously, many aspire to be part of this great movement and knowing how to act at the right time is essential.

Just one step From Now You Could achieve your personal and professional success!

Do you want to be the most in demand in your area? Do you want a career that is financially rewarding and makes you feel part of a big movement? Then a career as an Sensual Dance it instructor may be exactly what you are looking for. Start helping women fall in love with themselves again with lots of fun through simple dance and fitness exercises!

Become one of our teachers and get magnificent benefits:

1. Gain complete Market Exclusivity that will generate service demand

We reserve territorial exclusivity for all our teachers. No one else will be able to teach Sensual Dance Fit in your area. This ensures you a fair market to operate within and attract all the women in your area.

In addition, Unlike all other generalist dance classes, Sensual Dance Fit caters to a single target audience that has a strong perceived need and wants to feel part of a movement and does so through a totally new and not just better method.

This is the key element that helps you stand out in a crowd of competitors and manages to answer your students' question on "why should I choose you over the competition?"

2. Give your art the Value it deserves

Passion and talent are the key to your career… But that's not all! In fact, no matter how qualified you may be, if you don't know how to attract new potential customers, you will always be behind. 

For this reason, Sensual Dance Fit offers you something really special, something that no one else has ever offered you before. You will receive comprehensive training on the most effective marketing strategies to communicate the value of your project: from managing social media to implementing the project's enrollment night; from dialogue with potential new students to what to do at the end of a course.

In short, we will walk you step by step in this new adventure: because we are a great family and we wish the best for all those who are part of it.

3. Benefit from a top-quality training

Full immersion in the world of Sensual Dance Fit to learn choreography and dance steps, and also to discover how to motivate your own students by creating a sisterhood!

At the end of the training course, teachers who have passed the exam will receive an exclusive certification, which enables them to teach the SDF method.

Thanks to this training, you will stand out from all the other dance schools in your area: because no one will be able to give their students what you can!

4. Spend time dancing and making your mark, not your marketing (we'll take care of that)

Sensual Dance Fit offers you something truly special, something no one else has ever offered you before....

We take care of all your marketing, so you don’t have to!

Exclusive marketing system that helped over 200 teachers succeed and find the right solution to their business challenges: attracting new clients and retaining their loyalty.

How to become a teacher:


#1 Application and interview

We will talk together about your goals and challenges and see if you meet the requirements to become a Sensual Dance Fit teacher.


#2 Attend our training

Participate in our training of excellence. A joyful time of artistic and entrepreneurial training that will help you turn your business around


#3 Spread the revolution

Let's start change the world together, helping thousands of women rediscover themselves through your art and all our tools

What our teachers say about us

Stories like these are why we exist

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